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We care about you and your safety, which is why you can trust us to be MORE THAN A BUTTON.


Lifeguard Protection is dedicated to the aging population, and those affected by disabilities, illness or injury to live independently with a protective safety net of monitored services and products that allow for a rapid response when needed. We offer our services Nationwide by ways of a on-line store and local marketing within the Bay Area communities.


We use state of the art monitoring technology to ensure that our customers are in compliance with the protocol that has been prescribed by their physicians and regulations of the Law, that they lead an accident free life. The alerts generated by the monitoring equipment are escalated to a dedicated support team who is able to rapidly evaluate and triage the seriousness of the situation and coordinate an appropriate and timely response to ensure 100 % redundancy and guarantees 24/7 monitoring whether you be at Home or traveling the World.


By partnering with us you will have your very own network of professionals at your fingertips. We will assist you with helping your clients/residents to live more independent and active lives in or away from their home no matter what their health concerns are or special needs. We provide services which will give your clients/residents the assistance to remain independent at home. We also assist your caregivers to have more free time to devote to the daily activities of caring for your clients with more confidence and less worries. We take pride in combining the resources of the most established, reputable, well coordinated experts and facilities in the field of medical monitoring and security, to continually improve our customer's experience.

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