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LifeGuard Protection is an independently owned business operating in all 50 states, based out of Bay Area of San Francisco. LifeGuard will beat all competitors pricing and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all clients.

Our Services

On-The-Go or Home-Based equipment. *Our monitoring includes real-time instant redundancy in the case of any power loss or electrical surge. *

Our Clients

We offer our services to the Public, Hospitals, Medical Supply Companies, Rehabilitation Centers, Doctors Offices, Affordable Housing Associations, + Living Communities, Home Care Agencies and anyone in need of our products and services. By partnering with us you will have your very own network of professionals at your fingertips. We will assist you or your clients/residents to live more independently, enjoying an active lifestyle, no matter what the health concerns or special care needs may be. We also assist caregivers to have more free time to devote to the daily activities of caring for clients with confidence knowing they are protected around the clock. We take pride in combining the resources of the most established, reputable and dependable companies in the field of medical monitoring and security and providing outstanding customer service to all.

*Call today for your free consultation – we will provide the latest technology at the best price. 1.877.877.0197

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